Get international talent
Diverse Tech Talents Agency Empower Companies to Improve their Recruitment results and  succeed to attract International Talent.

IT Industry Research&Analysis  Recognize that 6 out of 10 Senior Software Developers from Eastern Europe actively seek and consider relocation abroad.

We Consult Organizations on hiring Diverse Tech Talents.
hire and retain long-term
We Maximize Businesses Growth with our unique Value-Based Hiring Approach. 

We Evaluate candidate's Motivations, Values, and Goals and Identify the Match with the company.

Diverse Tech Talents Agency Develop and Integrate long-term Diversity Management strategy for our clients and assist along the way. 
Diverse Tech Talents Agency Direct Clients to Adapt Workplace Diversity into their Human Resources Practices so they can experience economical and productivity benefits of it.

Our Clients Recognize Improvements on multiple levels from Advancing their teams with Bilingual Professionals with Diverse Experiences and Backgrounds.
More Likely to Outperform
With Ethnically
Diverse Staff
New Countries
For Sourcing

the Right


Diverse Tech Talents Agency work with outstanding teams and
projects that matter to people.
We  only represent companies, who truly inspire us and who we would be happy to work with ourselves.
Candidates from eASTERN EUROPE
We respect our candidates and their desire to invest their lives into projects that matters.
We strive to understand candidate personal values to make his career move successful.
discovering great fit
No fire - No hire.
Diverse Tech Talents Agency strive to find cultural, value, and goals match between teams and candidates so they will work together long-term.

Employment contract
Diverse Tech Talents Agency complies with countries immigration laws and policies. Our candidates sign long-term job contracts, regulated by state employment and tax laws.
Diverse Tech Talents Agency help its clients and candidates prepare visa-related paperwork and support application process. We follow unquestioningly all immigration laws.
We provide relocation assistance to all our hires.
Relocation package covers paperwork, visa, 2-4 weeks of accommodation, flights and shipping costs.

mission and Values

We Help Organizations to Go Global and
Open their Doors to Diverse Talent into their Teams.

Boost Recruitment Results
Access Immediately a Vast Pool of Qualified English-Speaking Technology Candidates from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belarus and many more.

We Pre-Select Candidates for you so you get ONLY Qualified and Motivated IT Professionals, who are Interested in Relocation.

Some of our Clients Make first Hires within 3 weeks of Recruitment Search with us.
Reduce Your Hiring Risks
We Provide Extended 1-YEAR Guarantee for Each Hire with us. 
You Get your Money-Back if for some reason it wouldn't work out with your Candidate during first year of employment.

We Strive to Help our Clients to Recruit and Retain International Talents.
And Focus on Long-Term Cooperation between our Candidates and their New Employer.
Get Benefits of WorkPlace Diversity
Embrace Innovations within your Technology Teams with Workforce Diversity.

Hire Diverse International Talents with different Cultural, Ethnic, Educational Backgrounds and Improve your Employee Engagement, Motivation and Retention.

Workplace Diversity is proven to make Positive Impact on company Financial Performance.
ReDuce EMployee Turnover
As Workforce changes, competition for talent extends to all cultures, ethnic groups, and backgrounds. 

Qualified people will expect to see how committed you are to hiring and developing people from all Backgrounds. 

They want to know that they are going into organization that will welcome them and help them to advance. 
Increase Team Motivation
We are using breakthrough Value-Based Approach and Select Sandidates not only based on their previous achievements but their values and motivations.

Value-Based Recruitment Approach proved to make smarter matches between employees and organizations. 
Candidates who are Matched on the basis of their Values are proved to stay longer with their companies.
Make long-term business impact
People from Different Backgrounds, Ages, Genders, Physical Abilities, Sexual Orientation, and Thinking Styles will solve problems more creatively and help you build business in different ways.

We believe that to be Successful doing business Globally, you should have people that Understand Different technologies, Work styles, Cultures and new Markets you are dealing with. 


Access Candidate Database
Pre-Selected Senior Software Developers
Active Candidates Who Seek Relocation

With 3-10+ Years of Experience

With High-Level English Speaking/Writing Skills

Available to Relocate Within 2-6 Weeks

With Degrees in Computer Science

You Select Who You Want to Contact

Monthly Fees depending on Your Needs

Direct Contact Information
Weekly Updates and New Resumes
Smooth Start
At Cost-Only Option
For your First Hire with Us
Individual Professional Recruitment Services

Relocation Services

Hire Senior Software Developer
To Work Onsite in Your Local Office

Relocation Package INCLUDED

Extended 6 Month Guarantee

Start Hiring Within 48 Hours

One-time Fee on a Contingency Basis

Includes Flights for the Candidate

Includes 2-4 weeks of Accomodation for the Candidate
Permanent Employment
Direct Work Contract
Individual Professional Recruitment Services

Relocation Services

Hire Senior Software Developer

To Work ONSITE in your LOCAL office

Relocation Package INCLUDED

Extended 1 Year Guarantee

Start hiring Within 48 Hours

Visa is Handled within 2-6 Weeks

One-time Fee on a Contingency Basis
Includes Flights for the Candidate

Includes 2-4 weeks Accomodation for the Candidnate

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