IT Recruitment and Relocation to Germany

IT Recruitment and Relocation to Germany

With a share of 4.6 percent of the worldwide ICT-turnover in 2014, the German ICT market is the world’s fourth-largest.

Around 12 percent of the current international patent applications in the field of ICT have been filed by German companies.

This faster pace of change and innovation also calls for adequately qualified professionals. Some 960,000 people employed in the sector work in the areas of information technology (IT), telecommunications, and consumer electronics. With revenues exceeding €63.3 billion, information technology held the largest share of the German ICT market in 2014.

Every single day at XING (major German Professional Network) there is about 1000 new jobs for Software developers posted. The competition for the IT talent is enormous and make many organizations to seek out candidates from outside of Germany.


Blue Card Germany

While there is a good option of hiring software developers from other EU countries, from our experience it’s much easier and faster to relocate Software developers from Ukraine and Belarus to Germany.

All academics with a recognized university degree or one which is comparable to a German university degree are entitled to the “EU Blue Card” single residence and work permit. Basic requirements for the candidate is to be highly qualified professional with Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and have 3+ years of related experience. Required salary minimum for hiring software developers according to the Blue card program is 39 624 Euro gross per year.

Blue Card application requirements:

  • Bachelors or higher degree from an accredited institution by Anabin.
  • Minimum 3302 Euro/month gross salary for the candidate (not including vacation allowance).
  • Candidate salary of 4300 Euro/month gross will speed up Blue Card application processing time for about 2 weeks and has priority in the review process.
  • No special requirements or certification is needed for the Employer.
  • IT professionals including software developers are in a list of professions needed in Germany.


Relocation Process Times

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for German Embassy in Ukraine to process Blue Card application.

Legal sign-off notice period in Ukraine is 2 weeks, and some candidates might have longer contract obligations up to 1 month.

You can expect for your newly hired software developer from Ukraine to start within 4-6 weeks since the job offer confirmation.


Relocation Package

We include Relocation Package to our fee for all our hired Candidates. The total value of Relocation Package is usually 5% out of candidate annual gross salary.

Relocation Package includes:

  • Flight coverage for a candidate and his immediate family members.
  • 2-4 weeks of temporary accommodation rent.
  • Paperwork preparation and translation costs.
  • Shipment costs.


Extended Guarantee 

For all our hires we provide an extended replacement or money-back guarantee within 6-12 month period time.

That means if a candidate voluntarily leaves the company or is discharged by the employer, we will make a free replacement within 3 month time or return money back.


German  and/or English language

Most of our clients have international teams and adapted the English language for their corporate communications. However, there are also clients whose teams speaks German and who would require German speaking candidates.

We would adjust to both types of requirements and will be pleased to find the best possible match for our clients.


Are you interested in hiring Software developers from Eastern Europe and relocating them to Germany? Learn more about software developers from Ukraine. Here is our article on 12 facts about software developers from Ukraine.

We’d love to share our experience of IT Relocation to Germany.

We would love to connect. Here’s my calendar link to make finding time easy.

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