DiverseTechTalents Work Model Step-by-Step

DiverseTechTalents Step-by-Step work model. It’s easy to start recruiting and relocating software developers from Eastern Europe with DiverseTechTalents. DiverseTechTalents analyze job and company profiles We deliver 1-2 test profiles:  a) within 1-2 business days; b) test profiles of only relevant interested candidates; We sign contingency-based agreement: a)1-year money-back guarantee; b) at-cost option for your first […]

Relocation Package with DiverseTechTalents

At DiverseTechTalents we are not only recruiters, we are relocation & career consultants and strive to make your relocation process easy, comfortable & understandable. What will be included in your relocation package?   Work permit|Visa|Blue Card DiverseTechTalents assists you with gathering all the documents before applying for a visa. Typical document package for a work […]

How DiverseTechTalents is different? We provide extended 1-year guarantee for all hires with us!

DiverseTechTalents is extraordinary recruitment and relocation company. And when we say that, we really mean it 🙂 Let us share a few thoughts about exactly how we are different from what you got used to when you say hiring agency.   But first… You know what’s the difference between your internal HR and external hiring […]

10 Facts about Software developers from Romania

Diverse tech talents Agency helps organizations to hire software developers from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. Here is our list of 10 Facts that would convince you to hire software developers from Romania with Diverse Tech Talents Agency. In Romania, there are over 95,000 IT&C specialists at the national level. There are more than […]

8 facts to convince you to hire Software Developers from Poland with Diverse Tech Talents Agency

Diverse tech talents Agency helps organizations to hire software developers from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and other countries. Here is our list of 8 Facts that would convince you to hire software developers from Poland with Diverse Tech Talents Agency. Poland is ranked 11th in the world for English skills in the EF English Proficiency […]

9 Facts about Software Developers from Belarus

Over 85000 people from Belarus are employed in Information and Communication Technologies industry (ICT).  Around 34 thousand of software developers from Belarus work directly in the production of IT products and services. According to EY assessment, around 30 thousand more IT professionals are employed in other economy segments. Just 5 years ago there weren’t that many […]

12 facts about Software Developers from Ukraine

According to Colliers International, Ukraine is 4th in the world by the number of IT specialists. Software Developers from Ukraine are among smartest in the world. The UADN report sounded that there are 100,000 IT specialists but the number has considerably increased since early 2016 when it was published. Around 80% of software developers from Ukraine have a conversational […]

5 Reasons to Work with Diverse Tech Talents Recruitment Agency

We started Diverse Tech Talents Agency with the idea of being different and better Recruitment Agency and a partner for our clients and candidates. We constantly grow professionally and Rise Recruitment industry Standards. Here is our list of 5 Reasons and Benefits of working with Diverse Recruitment Agency:   You Embrace Diversity We are working […]

Benefits of Workplace Diversity

Organizations and individuals across the world realize rising importance and benefits of workplace diversity. Companies that want to develop competitive advantage now and in the coming years must use the power and benefits of workplace diversity to build their businesses and grow market share. In case they do not, they will be handling profits, talents, […]

What is Workplace Diversity?

Workplace Diversity is the quality of diverse or different people within organization’s human resources. Workplace Diversity usually refers to differences in age, gender, race, country of origin, sexual orientation, religion, culture, beliefs, and backgrounds of people. Valuing Diversity means understanding and embracing the value found in people’s differences and welcoming diverse thoughts, perspectives, and people […]

IT Resume Buzzwords 2018. How to make your resume outstanding?

Resume Buzzwords – are the specific words which make resume from good to great. Those are words that describe most desired Skills, Technologies and Candidate Experiences, that are most desired by employers.   It’s well-known fact that because of such an enormous flow of resumes hiring managers spend only about 6 seconds to initially review […]

Why software developers love to work with DiverseTechTalents team

With so many recruiters out there approaching software developers every day, it’s quite hard to stand out and be the one they really want to work with.   Is it really possible to stand out from a crowd of recruiters in today’s world?   @DiverseTechTalents we believe it’s possible. @DiverseTechTalents we value greatly our relationships […]

How to boost your confidence before the interview

Many qualified candidates sometimes appear not that qualified for their job interviews simply because of their low confidence level. Let us share a quick checklist on how to increase your confidence in a matter of minutes right before your interview.   Emotions are motions It’s been discovered that our emotional state is deeply connected with […]