10 Facts about Software developers from Romania

Diverse tech talents Agency helps organizations to hire software developers from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Here is our list of 10 Facts that would convince you to hire software developers from Romania with Diverse Tech Talents Agency.

  1. In Romania, there are over 95,000 IT&C specialists at the national level.

  2. There are more than 45000 Software Developers in Romania.
  3. Romania ranks 6th among European countries by the number of certified software development specialists.

  4. As of 2017, the country has 5 large polytechnic universities, 59 technical institutes, and 170 technical colleges that teach computer science.
  5. The most popular programming language among software developers from Romania is PHP with more than 26% of professionals using it.

  6. Over 24% of all developers in Romania are using the .NET framework along with  C#.
  7. Java is third most popular programming language among software developers from Romania with about 20% using it.

  8. Almost 90% of IT professionals speak English. Romania got 17th place on worldwide English Proficiency ranking in 2017..
  9. HackerRank ranked the countries with the most talented programmers, where Software developers from Romania ranked 20th in the overall ranking.

  10. After the TopCoder participants’ competitions in 2017, Romania – ranks 14th.



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