IT Industry

Sweden is a great place for your career in information technologies. The job market for developers seems to be excellent. In Stockholm, quite a lot of Big Systems written in Java or.Net and a lot of headquarters are located there. In southern Sweden (Malmo/Lund) there is an active mobile culture with the Sony Ericsson company in the top list. They are always in the lack of Android developers and embedded C-programmers. In spite of this fact, qualified developers with experience in other languages are also in high demand in all over Sweden.


To obtain a work permit, you must have an offer of employment in Sweden. Your employer must have advertised the job in Sweden for at least ten days before the offer of employment was made.


Sweden imposes two direct taxes on individuals: income tax and capital gains tax. Sweden is a high tax country by European Standards. National income tax varies from 20-25% depends on salary rate. The municipal tax is charged on total taxable employment income (less a personal allowance) at a flat rate ranging from 29.19% to 35.11% (average 32%).

Cost of living

Sweden has a reputation for being expensive, in many ways it’s deserved to be a truth, but your living costs totally depend on your individual lifestyle. We put together this guide to help you get an idea of what everyday products and services will cost you. 

The monthly price for a furnished studio(45m2) is ranged from €700 to €1200 in the common area.

Utilities including house heating, electricity and can cost you from 50-80 per month. Price for the Internet is around 25.

Price for public transport can cost you 80 or 1,34 for 1 gallon of gas if you have a car.

Basic dinner for two persons in a neighborhood pub can cost you 45.

If we talk about dining in a restaurant for two persons, including the main course, wine and dessert, it can cost you 89.

Primary lunchtime is around 10.

Don’t forget about the movie, a price for two tickets – 25.        

Stockholm, Sweden scored 191 points of cost of living index, comparing to 272 points in San Francisco, USA and 67 points in Kiev, Ukraine. (According to Internet research expatistan.com). 


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