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10 Facts about Software developers from Romania

Diverse tech talents Agency helps organizations to hire software developers from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. Here is our list of 10 Facts that would convince you to hire software developers from Romania with Diverse Tech Talents Agency. In Romania, there are over 95,000 IT&C specialists at the national level. There are more than […]

5 Reasons to Work with Diverse Tech Talents Recruitment Agency

We started Diverse Tech Talents Agency with the idea of being different and better Recruitment Agency and a partner for our clients and candidates. We constantly grow professionally and Rise Recruitment industry Standards. Here is our list of 5 Reasons and Benefits of working with Diverse Recruitment Agency:   You Embrace Diversity We are working […]

Why software developers love to work with DiverseTechTalents team

With so many recruiters out there approaching software developers every day, it’s quite hard to stand out and be the one they really want to work with.   Is it really possible to stand out from a crowd of recruiters in today’s world?   @DiverseTechTalents we believe it’s possible. @DiverseTechTalents we value greatly our relationships […]

How it’s like to work with DiverseTechTalents?

Well, first of all, this article is not about selling you our services. And while you might get the great desire to start working with us after reading it that’s not the initial purpose of it. The real purpose is to give you a feeling of how it’s like to work with us and what […]

DiverseTechTalents Work Model Step-by-Step

DiverseTechTalents Step-by-Step work model. It’s easy to start recruiting and relocating software developers from Eastern Europe with DiverseTechTalents. DiverseTechTalents analyze job and company profiles We deliver 1-2 test profiles:  a) within 1-2 business days; b) test profiles of only relevant interested candidates; We sign contingency-based agreement: a)1-year money-back guarantee; b) at-cost option for your first […]

Relocation Package with DiverseTechTalents

At DiverseTechTalents we are not only recruiters, we are relocation & career consultants and strive to make your relocation process easy, comfortable & understandable. What will be included in your relocation package?   Work permit|Visa|Blue Card DiverseTechTalents assists you with gathering all the documents before applying for a visa. Typical document package for a work […]

EU visa waiver for Ukraine will enter into force on 11th June, 2017

On 11th of May, EU ministers approved measures that will allow Ukrainian citizens to travel to the EU for 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. From now on Ukrainians will need only a biometric passport to take advantage of the new visa-free regime.   The European Parliament confirmed June 11 as the […]
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Why do people relocate?

Nowadays we live in an era of transient culture and globalization, where relocation becomes an everyday thing in any part of the world. There are a variety of reasons exist why people move, we made a research and allocated three top reasons, why do people prefer relocation to their homeland. The huge role plays personal reasons. […]

Workplace Diversity and Relocation as a Part of Recruitment Strategy

It’s true that hiring a talent became one of the main issues CEO’s and managers struggle to improve. And it seems that there are not enough people all the time, no matter where you go either Sweden or Germany or the Netherlands. Companies strive to hire more and better all the time, especially when it […]

What CEO should know about recruitment?

Sometime during the last couple decades, it became not enough to be a good company to attract great employees. Now you have to be outstanding and use all the tools out there to succeed and grow as a team and as a company. Most CEOs I talk name recruiting as the primary challenge their business […]


IT Industry in Norway The number of investments in Norwegian startups is up by 300% in 2016. In this year alone, Norway has seen 28 investments. The nation’s capital, Oslo, is home to some innovative technology, including robotics company nLink, social media marketing strategist Socius, the “AirBnB of electric vehicles” Meshcrafts and Smarthome products business […]

IT Recruitment and Relocation to Germany

IT Recruitment and Relocation to Germany With a share of 4.6 percent of the worldwide ICT-turnover in 2014, the German ICT market is the world’s fourth-largest. Around 12 percent of the current international patent applications in the field of ICT have been filed by German companies. This faster pace of change and innovation also calls […]

Citizens of the world. Who are they?

We do admire and relate to the term “citizen of the world.” And for HuntIT team it means first of all that you don’t limit your life, your interests, your career to only one place or country. While being a patriot and loving your motherland, you can relate to the world in whole, without boundaries […]
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