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10 Facts about Software developers from Romania

Diverse tech talents Agency helps organizations to hire software developers from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. Here is our list of 10 Facts that would convince you to hire software developers from Romania with Diverse Tech Talents Agency. In Romania, there are over 95,000 IT&C specialists at the national level. There are more than […]

Why software developers love to work with DiverseTechTalents team

With so many recruiters out there approaching software developers every day, it’s quite hard to stand out and be the one they really want to work with.   Is it really possible to stand out from a crowd of recruiters in today’s world?   @DiverseTechTalents we believe it’s possible. @DiverseTechTalents we value greatly our relationships […]

4 and a half simple hints on how to answer behavioral questions during the interview

Last couple years behavioral or situational questions became quite popular among interviewers and hiring managers. This type of questions leave open endings and offer a candidate to come up with an example of one or other situation in their life, which will illustrate their particular quality or skill set.   For some people, especially those […]